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Picture of Storulvån

STF fjeld station

On trail:
Coordinates:63°10'09"N, 12°21'44"E
Altitude:740 m
Fjeld map:Z6
Accommodation:148 beds
Service:See below

This station lies beside the stream from which it gets its name, at the foot of Getryggen, and is the main entrance to the fjelds of Jämtland since it is served by a car road (which is prone to getting buried in snow). As a consequence people tend to start (or end) their trips more or less at once, so those who actually stay overnight are often planning on remaining for several days, using the station as a base for shorter tours. Accommodation is offered in several tiers of comfort, the simplest one being in the old station building from 1933, which is situated on the opposite side of the stream. There is an award-winning restaurant, a well-stocked shop, and an equipment rental service providing a wide variety of items; the sauna is of recent make and includes an indoor cold spring. Guided tours and other arrangements are offered on a regular basis.

NOTE: There is no assistance phone available when the station is closed.

Approximate distances
Blåhammaren12 km
Sylarna16 km
Rundhögen18 km
Gåsen20 km
Enafors22 km
Ulvåtjärn6 km
Spåjme8 km
Tjallingen8 km
Enkälen10 km
Snasahögarna12 km
Gamla Sylen14 km
Gåsån15 km
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Helags 2011Day 1
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Gåsen 2012Day 1
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Storulvån-Vålådalen 2015Day 1
Sylarna 2016Day 5
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2018Day 1
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Gåsen 2022Day 4
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