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Picture of Tjäktja

STF cottage site

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:Kungsleden/Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:68°02'58"N, 18°14'26"E
Altitude:1000 m
Fjeld map:BD6
Accommodation:33 beds

Two cottages north of the Tjäktja Pass, above the western mouth of Šielmmávággi. In the olden days when the Alesjaure cottages were situated further to the south than they are now there was no cottage here, but after a fire in the late 1970s it was decided that the Alesjaure site would be moved north, at the behest of the local Sámi. As a consequence the new distance between Alesjaure and Sälka was deemed a bit long, and the Tjäktja cottage was erected midway. Since Tjäktja is much smaller than both Alesjaure and Sälka, it is not uncommon that things get crowded here in the height of the tourist seasons, although to a somewhat lesser extent nowadays after the bed count was increased from the previous 22.

Approximate distances
Nallo9 km
Alesjaure13 km
Sälka13 km
Tjäktjapasset4 km
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 3: TjäktjaDay 2
Nallo 2008: Day Tours (March)19/3
Nallo 2008: Day Tours (April)8/4
Tjäktja 2013All
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