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Picture of Vålådalen

STF fjeld station

On trail:
Coordinates:63°08'54"N, 12°58'05"E
Altitude:600 m
Fjeld map:Z6/Z7
Accommodation:205 beds
Service:See below

At the base of Ottfjället lies the tiny village of Vålådalen, which is a classic resort – in the olden days many of the nation's greatest athletes came here to exercise and prepare for championships, and lately some have picked up this tradition again. The tourist station, which is back in the STF franchise system after some time as a fully private establishment, comprises a number of buildings and has a fully fledged restaurant, a sizeable shop and equipment rental, as well as large conference halls and a dedicated sports hall. The sauna is housed in a separate building including a relax room built like a Sámi hut, and on its porch there are hot water barrels. During the winter ski tracks of various lengths are prepared, and a ski lift brings people up onto the lower slopes of Ottfjället from just outside the station. A year-round car road ends here, which makes Vålådalen a complement to Storulvån as an entrance to the Jämtland wilderness.

Approximate distances
Vallbo6 km
Stensdalen13 km
Lunndörren14 km
Vålåvalen18 km
Anaris25 km
Grönvallen8.5 km
Staloviellekåtan16 km
Vålådalen 2005Day 1
Vålådalen 2005Day 4
Vålådalen 2005/2006Day 1
Vålådalen 2005/2006Day 3
Stensdalen 2007Day 1
Stensdalen 2007Day 7
Vålådalen 2007/2008Day 1
Vålådalen 2007/2008Day 5
Bunnerfjällen 2008Day 1
Vålåvalen 2008Day 1: I
Vålåvalen 2008Day 25
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2009Day 4
Vålådalen 2009/2010Day 1
Vålådalen 2009/2010Day 4
Vålådalen 2011/2012Day 1
Vålådalen 2011/2012Day 3
Vålådalen 2013Day 1
Vålådalen 2013Day 4
Vålådalen 2013/2014Day 1
Vålådalen 2013/2014Day 3
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2015Day 4
Vålådalen 2015/2016Day 1
Vålådalen 2015/2016Day 5
Lunndörrsfjällen 2017Day 6
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2018Day 3
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2019Day 3
Anaris 2021Day 1
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