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Last update:  2024-02-10

Welcome to the Swedish fjelds!

This website is all about the mountains of Sweden (and a bit of Norway), which are here referred to as fjelds – see the Overview section for an explanation of why. Its goal is to spread appreciation and interest for this area and the great beauty and nature values that exist therein, both within and beyond the borders of this country, using my own words and photos. Please enjoy your stay, both on the site and in the fjelds, and don't hesitate to write if you have any questions!


Site sections

The site is divided into the following interlinked sections accessible through the navigation bar at the top:

Basic presentation of the fjelds and trips to and among them.
Areas and trails
Condensed descriptions of a number of specific areas and marked trails.
Ever-growing collection of illustrated travel reports from my own tours in the fjelds, in both summer and winter.
Index of place names found in the tour reports.
Searchable database of tourist facilities of various kinds throughout the fjelds.
Interactive map application containing all the facilities from the previous section as well as many of the tours, among other things.
Associations and links
List of organizations devoted to or in some other way concerned with the fjelds and outdoor life, plus a collection of links to other sites of interest.
Presentation of myself and the website as such, with an archive of past updates.
Sarek National Park
Ruohtesvágge and Sarektjåhkkå, Sarek National Park

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