Here I collect detailed, fully illustrated reports of tours I've made in the Swedish (and Norwegian) fjelds, in both summer and winter, since acquiring a digital camera to document them properly. The tour list is split into subsections based on years, but the All tours subpage displays all the tours at once for easier searching. Please note that accounts of events prior to August 2005 may exhibit a somewhat lesser degree of precision and comprehensiveness, since those have been written entirely from memory a long time after they occurred.

The reports are integrated with the Map section of the site – many tours in the list include a Show on map link, and in the individual stage headers inside the reports themselves there are direct links to map points along the way (if any). Do note that the All images subpages are heavy to load since, as the name suggests, they present thumbnails of all the images that belong to the tour in question at once, which can mean hundreds of files.

The majority of these tours I have undertaken alone, which might seem dangerous or even foolish to some. See the About section for my thoughts on the matter.

Above Alesjaure
Between Unna Allakas and Alesjaure
Above Nallo
Between Tjäktja and Nallo
Should you want to use any of these texts and images, drop me a line and explain how and why.
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