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Picture of Aktse

STF cottage site

Location:Sarek rim
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°08'57"N, 18°18'23"E
Altitude:550 m
Fjeld map:BD10
Accommodation:34 beds
Service:Provisions2, sauna, boat transfer

Two cottages (and nowadays also a sauna) north of Lájtávrre, right next to the settlement called Aktse (there is also another cottage belonging to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation nearby). This place is often called the gate to Sarek, and the view into Rapadalen, with Tjahkelij and Skierffe flanking Nammásj is one of the most classic photo motifs in Swedish outdoor history. Nowadays the aforementioned settlement is inhabited for most of the year, and during the summer season boat tours are offered to tourists, in three directions: straight across the lake (Kungsleden), upstream Ráhpaädno to the border of Sarek, and eastwards to the so-called bicycle track, which in turn leads to a car road at the Sijddoädno bridge. The latter route is often employed as a "shortcut" to Aktse, breaking off the Kvikkjokk road around Tjåmotis.

Approximate distances
Sitojaure12 km
Sijddoädno bridge16 km
Pårte23 km
Laitaure4 km
Svine8 km
Rittak13.5 km
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