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Picture of Mikka


On trail:
Coordinates:67°22'40"N, 17°38'34"E
Altitude:800 m
Fjeld map:BD10
Service:Privy, assistance phone

Skárjá is the natural hub of Sarek National Park, where a large number of routes intersect. In this place there lay a locked building referred to as the Mikka cabin, erected for the purposes of wildlife monitoring and science, but it was burnt down in the summer of 2008 since it had been decided that these activities were to move further south, and a new cabin has been built at Rovdjurstorget (Predator Square). It was, however, only the residential structure that was destroyed – there was also a small building which houses the Park's only assistance phone, as well as a privy, and both remain standing. The former nowadays functions as a shelter, with a table and bench inside.

Approximate distances
Rinim26 km
Gisuris31.5 km
Nammásj boat landing37 km
Sarek 2007Day 3
Sarek 2007Day 4