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Picture of Saltoluokta

STF fjeld station

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°23'34"N, 18°31'17"E
Altitude:380 m
Fjeld map:BD8/BD10
Accommodation:100+ beds
Service:See below

This is a classic lodge south of Láŋas just outside Stora Sjöfallet National Park, with the Sáltoluokta Sámi encampment as its neighbor. The main building, constructed in a homely rustic style, is from 1918 and houses an award-winning restaurant and a well-stocked shop. Accommodation of various kinds is available both in this building and in a number of additional ones, where one also finds conference rooms, and in the height of the summer season tent huts are erected outside to increase capacity. Saunas with panorama views of Sjöfallsdalen are found in a service building, but there is also a firewood-powered one down by Láŋas available on demand. Equipment is rented out in both summer and winter, and twice a day during the former season two regular boat runs with the STF passenger boat M/S Langas ferry visitors to and from Kebnats on the northern shore, where the GällivareRitsem bus stops (in winter daily snowmobile transport is available). At the start of summer Saltoluokta hosts an annual folk music festival.

Approximate distances
Bietsávrre5.5 km
Sitojaure20 km
Autsutjvagge9 km
Sarek 2007Day 8
Sarek 2007Day 9
Aktse 200928/3
Aktse 200929/3
Aktse 200930/3
Kaitumjaure 2012Day 38
Kaitumjaure 2012Day 39
Kebnekaise-Ritsem 2014Day 4
Kebnekaise-Ritsem 2014Day 5
Vaimok 201822/7–23/7
Ritsem Circuit 2022Day 8
Ritsem Circuit 2022Day 9
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