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Unna Allakas

Picture of Unna Allakas

STF cottage site

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:Riksgränsen–Alesjaure
Coordinates:68°12'14"N, 18°11'09"E
Altitude:720 m
Fjeld map:BD6
Accommodation:20 beds
Service:Provisions1, sauna

One cottage below Unna Allagas close to border cairn 263 on the Norwegian border, now also with a sauna (built in the summer of 2014). During the Nazi occupation of Norway in WWII, there was an important observation post here. Apart from the nearby DNT cottage site west of Čunojávri the obvious place to visit in the vicinity is the old copper mine of Sjangeli, which was in operation – on and off – between 1696 and 1840, and nowadays the local Sámi run a small tourist facility there.

Approximate distances
Sjangeli4.5 km
Cunojávrihytta5 km
Alesjaure14 km
Abiskojaure22.5 km
Katterjaure26 km
Riksgränsen31.5 km
Valfojåkka7.5 km
Stuor-Kärpel17.5 km
Unna Allakas 2010All
Unna Allakas 2013Day 3
Unna Allakas 2013Day 4
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