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STF-sSTF fjeld station
DNT-sDNT staffed lodge
STF-cSTF cottage site
BLT-cBLT cottage site
DNT-cDNT cottage site
Other-aOther (accommodation available)
Other-nOther (accommodation not available)
Other trails
RoadRoadside starting point
POIPoint of interest

Description and instructions

The map engine is tied directly to the Facilities database, so every entry therein is displayed on the map as a marker the appearance of which changes depending upon the type of facility. All such markers can be clicked, which brings up a small info window, but they are never displayed at lower zoom levels to prevent clutter, even if the checkbox is ticked. Also note that since the database does not include all facilities found in the fjelds, neither does the map.
These are the areas defined in the Areas and trails section, which are here color coded. The exact borders of these areas are sprung from my interpretation for the purposes of this site and may be neither universal nor finely traced. However, in the cases where they coincide – wholly or in part – with official borders (national parks, nature reserves), those have been followed within reasonable resolution limits.
Also included from the abovementioned section are the trails, which have been traced with some accuracy – but do not rely overly on their representation here. Kungsleden and Padjelantaleden are included in their entirety, but when it comes to Nordkalottleden only those portions that lie within or close to the borders of Sweden are contained here (in essence, nothing north of Torneträsk). A selection of other trails are given as well, but this set is far from exhaustive. Note that only summer trails are included here; sometimes they coincide with the winter trails, but often they do not.
Finally, a number of other locations have been added, which are split up into two categories. Roadside starting points are exactly what they sound like, and denote such places which do not have an entry in the facilities database. Points of interest should also be self-explanatory, and may include places of accommodation similarly not found in said database. A signature thumbnail image has been added to the info window where available. As with the facilities, these markers are only visible above a certain zoom level, regardless of the display setting.
Jump to region
Shortcuts to the larger regions found in the facilities database, setting both map coordinates and zoom level accordingly. The Show icons checkbox toggles the region placeholder icons at low zoom levels, where no other map markers are displayed.
Distance meter
As the name implies, this tool lets you measure distances. After clicking Start any subsequent clicks on the map – including ones on a marker – will add a new point and a line will be drawn between all existing points, with start and end markers, updating the value in the "km" box for each new point. The button changes its label to Stop, and when it is clicked again the line is merged into the map and the distance figure remains. Another click on Start will reset both the line and the box for a new session, which can be aborted immediately with Stop.
Locate marker
This performs a search among the markers currently placed on the map according to the display settings, and if a match is found the map is zoomed in on its location. The search is not case sensitive, but only matches whole, exact titles.
Plot tour
All Tours which are not reports from warden assignments and the like can be plotted on the map, with markers showing start and finish points (labelled S and F respectively, or SF if they are they same), as well as the spots where the intervening nights were spent (labelled X). The resolution of the plot is rather coarse, so this is intended to give a general idea of the routes, and not as a detailed directional guide. To the latter end, a link to the corresponding report is provided. The Center map button aligns the map in such a way that the complete plot is visible, at the highest suitable zoom level. Choose (none) at the top of the tour list to remove any currently displayed plot.