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In short: awesome start, gruesome end. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but the contrast between the first two days and the last two was enormous. For starters, I was very happy finally to visit Singi in fair weather and clear all-round views – especially as I almost felt cheated out of it last time. Furthermore, this tour saw the definite end to the Kungsleden Curse, with a day so fine that I couldn't possibly ask for more. And, of course, at last being able to pay the Tjäktja cottage a visit was very nice too, not least because of the familiar warden.

As for the bad stuff, it was a bit of a downer not to be able to enjoy the full grandeur of the Nallo area, and the subsequent barrage in Stuor Reaiddávággi is not something I look back fondly upon. While it was not as bad vision-wise as last year's tour, it was much harder this time around – luckily the air temperature was a few degrees above freezing, but had it been just a bit colder and the wind just a bit stronger, I would seriously have considered not going out at all.

So, a 50% success rate. Not half bad – or perhaps that's exactly what it was...

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