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I was almost unbelievably lucky that the fixed Easter holiday turned out to be blessed with such fair weather. I met a couple who had been in the region during past Easters, under considerably worse conditions – they even felt that they had this coming, since the fjelds concerned "owed them". The gloom of the last day was perfectly alright too; one can't get it all, and I've seen much worse.

A few short comments:

  • At the end of the winter season, when the snow conditions fluctuate greatly during the course of any kind of trip – be it over entire massifs or just around the privy – it is a huge relief not having to worry about waxing (and rewaxing, and rewaxing, and...). I was very happy with my skis.
  • There was a substantial difference in the snow cover at different altitudes and in different landscape formations (which is to be expected). While the capability of reaching liquid water was uncertain at the cottages – they had only recenetly found water at Vålåvalen, and had been melting snow before – there were large areas of bare ground on the open heathland that had to be circumvented, or crossed on foot.
  • Upon seeing Helags unobscured in all its glory, I immediately knew that I would have to go there as soon as possible. As it would later turn out, I got to do so.

Feeling quite invigorated by the experience, I started plotting another trip as soon as I got home, hoping for another period of similarly excellent weather – a hope that would prove not to be in vain...



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