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As I told some of the other visitors who asked, I thought this was an excellent way to spend the New Year's holiday. It's a nice touch, this extra period of openness between the end of the summer (autumn) season and the winter season, and serves to relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms, as it were. Even though the sun never showed itself unveiled, the weather was fully acceptable – perhaps excluding the snowstorm the first day, but that's just something you have to expect and take in stride. It was also less cold than it could have been, so as skiing circumstances go, these were fine indeed.

The choice of Lunndörren was also good, and not only because I like the location. I was told by the warden that the Östersund circle of STF, which apparently counts quite a few cottage wardens and tour guides, retired or not, among its members, had arranged a joint trip to Stensdalen just this weekend – that may have been crowded. Perhaps I will choose Stensdalen next time; I doubt this is the last New Year I spend in this fashion. Right now, however, I eagerly await the true winter season...



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