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On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:65°56'28"N, 16°05'41"E
Altitude:750 m
Fjeld map:AC2/BD16
Accommodation:26 beds
Service:Provisions2, sauna

Two cottages beside Ruovdatjjávrátje just above the tree line, overlooking Gautsträsk and Ammarfjället. A few kilometers along the westbound trail to Serve one attains an altitude of about 1060 meters in the area of Tjålmure, which is the second highest point on Kungsleden (the Tjäktja Pass is the highest at about 1120 meters). In the other direction it is a fairly short but also fairly taxing slope down to not to mention up from Ammarnäs.

NOTE: There is no assistance phone in this cottage.

Approximate distances
Ammarnäs8 km
Ájvák18 km
Serve20 km
Biellojaure29 km
Juovvatjåhkka8 km
Vuomatjåhkka13 km
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