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STF cottage site

On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:65°58'19"N, 15°45'42"E
Altitude:700 m
Fjeld map:AC2/BD16
Accommodation:30 beds

Two cottages southeast of Servvetjåhkka, with botanical richness and a waterfall in Servvejuhka as nearby points of interest. A few kilometers east of this site one is faced with a choice: follow Kungsleden proper up to Aigert, or continue down in the valley beside Lill-Tjulträsket and Stor-Tjulträsket to Ammarnäs directly. In the latter case it is possible to order boat transfer in summer, cutting about 11 km off the distance. The shop that has previously been here was retired during the summer of 2020.

Approximate distances
Tärnasjö14 km
Tjulträsket parking14 km
Aigert20 km
Skidbäcken25 km
Biellojaure28 km
Vuomatjåhkka7 km
Juovvatjåhkka12 km
Åjkije20 km
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