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STF cottage site

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:Padjelantaleden
Coordinates:67°38'04"N, 17°21'40"E
Altitude:470 m
Fjeld map:BD7/BD9/BD10
Accommodation:30 beds
Service:Sauna, boat transfer

Two cottages near the outflow of Vuojatädno into Áhkájávrre about 1.5 km from the Änonjálmme Sámi encampment, where the jetty for the STF passenger boat M/S Storlule is situated – there are regular tours several times a day between Änonjálmme, Ritsem and Vaisaluokta. The cottages serve as the natural base for tours up into the imposing Áhkká massif on the other side of Vuojatädno in both summer and winter. There is also a small sauna here, cared for by the guests themselves.

Approximate distances
Vaisaluokta8.5 km
Gisuris14 km
Ritsem14.5 km
Sarek 2007Day 1
Sarek 2011Day 1
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