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STF cottage site

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:
Coordinates:67°43'20"N, 17°28'22"E
Altitude:460 m
Fjeld map:BD7
Accommodation:41 beds
Service:See below

The status of this facility is somewhat fluid, as it is called both "cottage" and "fjeld station" in different contexts – and in practice it is perhaps most like a "hostel in a mountainous environment". The building itself is an old mess hall erected beside Rijtsemjåhkå north of Áhkájávrre by the national hydroelectric company Vattenfall, but it passed into STF's hands in 1978. Provisions, equipment and fishing permits are sold, and there is a cafe of sorts as well as a sauna. Guided hikes and other tours and activities are offered. During the summer season there are daily boat tours to Änonjálmme and Vaisaluokta, and helicopter tours to Kutjaure and Stáloluokta.

NOTE: There is no open room when the facility is closed.

Approximate distances
Akka14.5 km
Vaisaluokta17 km
Sitasjaure21 km
Røysvatn42 km
Sørfjorden59 km
Kutjaure 20097/9
Kutjaure 20098/9
Sarek 2011Day 1
Kebnekaise-Ritsem 2014Day 4
Ritsem Circuit 2022Day 1
Ritsem Circuit 2022Day 8
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