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Picture of Kaitumjaure

STF cottage site

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°44'50"N, 18°17'46"E
Altitude:600 m
Fjeld map:BD8
Accommodation:30 beds
Service:Provisions1, sauna

Two cottages at the western end of Bajip Gáidumjávri, where the very long valley of Čeakčavággi ends. The fjeld Sáŋarčohkka at the base of which they lie is a common target for shorter tours, being very easy to climb and giving grand views of both the valley below and the peaks of Sarek to the south. Since the distance to Teusajaure is only 9 km, this is a good way to spend the afternoon for travellers who arrive early from that direction – one need not go very high to get a good view of the lake and the Kaitum valley. As of 2016 there is also a sauna at Kaitumjaure.

Approximate distances
Teusajaure9 km
Singi13 km
Kebnekaise24 km
Livamkåtan4 km
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 2
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 2: TeusajaureDay 2
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 2: TeusajaureDay 3: I
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 2: TeusajaureDay 3: II
Kaitumjaure 2012All
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