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Picture of Teusajaure

STF cottage site

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°41'40"N, 18°09'24"E
Altitude:525 m
Fjeld map:BD7/BD8
Accommodation:30 beds
Service:Provisions1, sauna, boat transfer

Two cottages on a small headland jutting out into Dievssajávri from the northern wall of the steep valley in which this lake lies; in the summer the only way to go is up. There is, however, a motor boat operated by the warden which visitors can request the use of to cross the lake (from the south by raising a signal), and there are also rowing boats in case the warden is out, or if people want to make the crossing under their own power. In winter it is an easy matter skiing on the ice, and fishing in the lake is excellent that time of year.

Approximate distances
Kaitumjaure9 km
Vakkotavare16 km
Teusajaure shelter1 km
Livamkåtan5 km
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 1
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 2: TeusajaureDay 2
Kaitumjaure 2012: Day Tours29/6
Kaitumjaure 2012Day 37: II
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