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Picture of Vakkotavare

STF cottage site

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°34'54"N, 18°06'10"E
Altitude:440 m
Fjeld map:BD7/BD8/BD10
Accommodation:16 beds

One cottage beside the car road to Ritsem, where Kungsleden reaches Suorvajávrre. It is typically employed as a start or end point for travellers on said trail, who seldom stick around for long. The shop which has previously been here will be retired during the winter of 2021.

NOTE: There is no open room in this cottage during the off-season months, and neither is there an assistance phone.

Approximate distances
Teusajaure16 km
Teusajaure shelter15 km
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 1
Kaitumjaure 2012Day 38
Kebnekaise-Ritsem 2014Day 4
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