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Picture of Vakkotavare

STF cottage site

Location:Stora Sjöfallet
On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:67°34'54"N, 18°06'10"E
Altitude:440 m
Fjeld map:BD7/BD8/BD10
Accommodation:16 beds

One cottage beside the car road to Ritsem, where Kungsleden reaches Suorvajávrre. It is typically employed as a start or end point for travellers on said trail, who seldom stick around for long. The shop which has previously been here was retired during the winter of 2021.

NOTE: There is no open room in this cottage during the off-season months, and neither is there an assistance phone.

Approximate distances
Teusajaure16 km
Teusajaure shelter15 km
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 1
Kaitumjaure 2012Day 38
Kebnekaise-Ritsem 2014Day 4
Ritsem Circuit 2022Day 8
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