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Picture of Pieskehaure

STF cottage site

On trail:Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:67°01'49"N, 16°31'55"E
Altitude:580 m
Fjeld map:BD10/BD14
Accommodation:26 beds
Service:Provisions1, sauna

One cottage beside Varvvekjåhkå at the northeastern corner of the great turquoise lake Bieskehávrre. The color stems from the glacier silt carried down from the majestic Sulidälbmá massif which forms the backdrop of the cottage site. This massif includes Sweden's largest glacier – Stuorrajiegŋa – and going to see it up close is a fairly common objective for visitors; there used to be a great cave where the glacier stream exits from the ice masses, but it has since collapsed.

Approximate distances
Muorkihytta10 km
Vaimok18 km
Stáddájåhkå30 km
Kvikkjokk Circuit 2006Day 4
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