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Picture of Stáloluokta

BLT cottage site

On trail:Padjelantaleden/Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:67°18'57"N, 16°42'16"E
Altitude:595 m
Fjeld map:BD9/BD10
Accommodation:42 beds
Service:Provisions2, sauna, boat tours, helicopter transfer

Two cottages at the connection of the small lake Luoppal to the southeastern bay of Virihávrre, beside the Stáloluokta Sámi encampment. This is the natural center of Padjelanta, offering a much appreciated sauna, daily helicopter runs to Kvikkjokk, Kutjaure and Ritsem, and a small shop in the encampment, including freshly caught fish and dried reindeer meat. There are also two fancier rooms in the larger guest cottage, with separate kitchens, and at the cottage site there is a well cared-for church hut. The great lake Virihávrre is often referred to as the most beautiful lake in Sweden, and Stáloluokta is a very popular place to test the veracity of that claim; those who wish can also order boat tours on its waters.

Approximate distances
Árasluokta11 km
Stáddájċhkċ12 km
Duottar18 km
Sulitelma-Padjelanta 2009Day 5
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