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On trail:Vålådalen–Sylarna
Coordinates:63°07'38"N, 12°44'26"E
Altitude:750 m
Fjeld map:Z6/Z7
Accommodation:34 beds
Service:Provisions2, sauna

Two cottages and a sauna beside Stensån, where Stor-Stensdalen and Lill-Stensdalen meet beneath the mighty cliff of Lill-Stensdalsfjället. A fire destroyed the larger of the two residential buildings in the spring of 2010, but as of June 2014 a modern replacement, which differs in several respects from the common models, is in place. The site also used to be open and manned around New Year, but this practice ended in 2017.

Approximate distances
Vålåvalen12 km
Vålådalen13 km
Gåsen14 km
Sjtäntja8 km
Vålådalen 2005Day 1
Around Sylarna 2006Day 1
Stensdalen 2007All
Vålådalen 2007/2008Day 1
Bunnerfjällen 2008Day 1
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2009Day 3
Vålådalen 2011/2012Day 1
Vålådalen 2013Day 3
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2015Day 3
Vålådalen 2015/2016Day 1
Vålådalen 2015/2016Day 2
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2018Day 2
Gåsen 2022Day 1
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