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Picture of Tarfala

STF cottage site

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:
Coordinates:67°55'07"N, 18°36'01"E
Altitude:1180 m
Fjeld map:BD6/BD8/Högfjällskartan Kebnekaise
Accommodation:24 beds

This is STF's highest situated cottage site, sitting southeast of Darfáljávri in the upper end of Darfálvággi, and since 2019 it has both electricity and a sauna. This location is awe-inspiring, with four of Sweden's highest (>2000 m) peaks in close proximity; here one sits in the lap of the mighty Giebmegáisi and Gaskkasčohkka massifs with several large glaciers within easy reach. Since the distance to the Kebnekaise fjeld station is modest the cottage is a common target for day tours originating from there, and the alpine winter courses held by the station often spend several days here. About a kilometer southeast of the cottage there is an active research station run by Stockholm University. Darfálvággi is (in)famous for its powerful winds, and in December 1992 the official Swedish wind speed record was registered here: 81 m/s!

Approximate distances
Tarfala research station1 km
Kebnekaise8 km
Vistas20 km
Nikkaluokta23 km
Kaskavagge8 km
Ladtjojaure18 km
Kebnekaise 2007: Day Tours26/2
Vistas 2014Day 35
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