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Unna Räita

Picture of Unna Räita


Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:
Coordinates:67°58'59"N, 18°27'51"E
Altitude:1230 m
Fjeld map:BD6/BD8
Accommodation:2 bunks
Service:Privy (worn down)

This is basically a standard shelter that sits right at the marked edge which divides Unna Reaiddávággi into two distinct portions, but it is also equipped with blankets, buckets, cooking gear, and – hopefully – some firewood. The building is, however, in dire need of refurbishment.

Approximate distances
Nallo7 km
Sälka12 km
Around Kebnekaise 2005Day 3
Nallo 2008: Day Tours (March)11/3
Nallo 2008: Day Tours (April)25/4