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Picture of Nallo

STF cottage site

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:
Coordinates:68°01'00"N, 18°23'43"E
Altitude:915 m
Fjeld map:BD6
Accommodation:20 beds

One cottage below the ridge of Nállu where Stuor Reaiddávággi bends. Due to the narrowness of the valley and the sheer mountainsides all around, this building looks smaller than it is when viewed from above, and from its windows there is no horizon visible in any direction. Many people hail this site as their favorite among STF's cottages, and they have reason to. No marked trails lead here, but the steepness of the walls of Stuor Reaiddávággi makes navigation easy under most weather conditions. It is also possible to go over the Šielmmávággi pass to reach Tjäktja, but that route is more difficult and taxing than the routes to Vistas and Sälka.

Approximate distances
Tjäktja9 km
Vistas9 km
Sälka10 km
Unna Räita7 km
Northern Kungsleden 2005Day 5
Around Kebnekaise 2005Day 3
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 5
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 6
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 7: I
Kebnekaise 2007 Tour 3: TjäktjaDay 3
Nallo 2008All
Vistas 2010: Day Tours9/4
Vistas 2010: Day Tours25/4
Tjäktja 2013: Day Tours7/3
Vistas 2014: Day Tours20/7
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