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Sunday 25/4

Stage map 25/4


Horizontal distance:18 km
Vertical distance:+320 m, -320 m
Time:6 h 15 min
Lunch break:3 h
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy/Medium
Map point:Nallo

This time I chose the most distant band of snow across the heath-mire, since that was still intact, which brought me directly to the trees at the base of the subsequent slope. Here there were a multitude of tracks between them, some of which turned out to be better choices than others. I proceeded up the lefthand part of the slope and then skied beside the track for the sake of softer snow. More sprigs were showing through the snow up here, but progress was still unproblematic. As I skied into Stuor Reaiddávággi a large flock of snow buntings flapped by overhead, and in front of me the clouds were releasing their hold of the valley somewhat. I followed the upper track until more bare strings started showing, where I descended onto the stream rather than starting to pick my way across. I kept to the northern side of the snow-covered ice, where said ice-covering snow provided excellent conditions for leisurely skiing, and I set a comfortable tempo.

Stuor Reaiddávággi 1
Visttasvággi 1
Quite fair behind
Stuor Reaiddávággi 2
Cloudier ahead

As I was approaching Nállu the surroundings grew hazier again, and when I was passing the ice field beneath the spire things had deteriorated to the point that I could not see any of the peaks that should have emerged to the west. I did get a weak glimpse of the sun in the niche up Reaiddáčohkka that houses a small glacier, and turning around the base of Nállu – now on the southern side of the stream where the tracks were, due to more extensive ice – I could just barely distinguish the shapes of Čeakčačohkka. Some snow had started appearing in the wind, and it was not long before both snow and wind grew to levels than had me raising the hood and straining my eyes to make out shapes much closer by. I covered the last bit to the Nallo cottage a bit south of the stream, skiing in heavy snowfall, and when I reached the building after 11:30 I couldn't see a thing.

Reaiddáčohkka 1
Cloud forming on Reaiddáčohkka
Nállu 1
Nállu and the ravine
Čeakčačohkka 1
Čeakčačohkka just discernable
Glacier 1
Sun on the glacier...
Sun 1
...and a bit beyond
Nallo cottage 1
Snowman 1

No one was present, and on the door to the warden's room there was a note saying that Sigrid was on a visit to Sälka. I looked around a bit in the guest rooms, finding the eastern one slightly warmer, so that is where I sat myself down. I started out by writing an update to the copy of my snow report that was posted on the notice board, while outside visibility improved somewhat, which enabled me to spot an approaching figure. This turned out to be Sigrid, who had turned back since she could not see anything at all in upper Stuor Reaiddávággi. She joined me while I ate, and we spoke for a long time. During this conditions outside worsened again, with even denser snowfall that was also rather wet. By request I talked about my day tours so far, showing some pictures that were on the memory card currently present in the camera. By 13:45 the clouds had lifted somewhat, and the snowfall was not as intense, so I went out for a little tour.

I virtually leapt up beside The Slope, needing no skins in the warm'n'wet snow, chasing a ptarmigan part of the way. As it turned out the clouds were lighter higher up, so I could make out more of the surrounding mountains, but down the valley it was entirely white. It was also rather windy, so when I had reached the crest I turned downwards again, attempting to make turns, but since I couldn't see anything it was very difficult. Back inside I had some hot chocolate and spoke more with Sigrid until I had to leave in order to get home in time.

Ptarmigan 1
Nallo cottage 2
Peaks 1

From the start visibility was bad, but the snow was not at all as tough as I it might have been. It was, however, completely impossible to make out the track, so I went by feel instead. After a while I could see some more of the valley ahead, but after I had passed the ice things took a turn for the worse again. I skied in the middle of the stream, feeling rather than seeing the track, and at worst I could not make out more than perhaps a hundred meters or so in either direction. After climbing out of the start of the ravine I continued to go upwards, and now the clouds were lifting behind me, letting Nállu show, and there was even a little bit of sunlight. Also in Visttasvággi things seemed to be looking up, although the wind was on the increase. I went down to the flatter slope, where I descended a "middle way" I had seen on the way up, that took me around a few bare patches. Down on level ground the weather was actually fairly nice and still, and through Stuor Reaiddávággi Čeakčabákti could once again be discerned. I arrived at the cottages around 15:45, finding that it had snowed a bit there as well.

Snow 1
More snow!
Fog 1
Can't see anything behind...
Fog 2
...and very little ahead
Stuor Reaiddávággi 3
Visttasvággi 2
Even lighter
Unna Visttasvággi 1
Last stretch

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