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Since this tour turned into something completely different than what it was meant to be, I won't dwell upon what might have been, but rather speak about what did take place. However, I will say that it felt a bit silly carrying the tent and everything without using it, but under the circumstances I think I can be excused – and it wasn't too heavy either.

Now, it was nice to finally pay a visit to Anaris, that little half-forgotten place in the (perceived) outskirts of the usual tourist regions, even though the road there could have been kinder. That little detour also enabled me to catch sight of a wolverine at long last (not counting the probable one on the slopes of Gruvsmällen), and to photograph it at that. That encounter alone made up for the heaviness of the stage during which it occurred, and seeing the stunningly flat plateau and the lowlands beyond from the pass above Hällådalen was great as well.

Lunndörren was also a perfect place to rest, and the colorful trees around there were a very welcome reminder that it was indeed autumn, now that the presumably likewise tinted ground was concealed – which was a bummer to be sure. I was happy to get a taste of it on the return walk, however. And apart from the beginning the weather was extraordinary all the time, so I feel I shouldn't complain overly.

Best laid plans and all that – these things happen, especially in the fjelds. There is naught to be done but to yield to the mastery of Nature, and adapt. Lunndörrsfjällen will just have to wait for another time; I have a feeling they won't be going anywhere soon...



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