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Monday 20/8

Stage map 20/8


Horizontal distance:8.5 km
Vertical distance:+460 m, -460 m
Time:5 h 30 min
Lunch break:1 h 30 min
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy

This time I turned south almost immediately after the ferry, passing through some shrubs in the vicinity of Goahtnjunjesjhk. Once at that stream I looked for a suitable ford, and after a good deal of looking I decided upon a straightforward crossing. At that place the stream was divided into two courses only loosely separated by a gravel bank, and reaching that bank went well; the remaining distance was somewhat deeper, and after taking a few steps I decided to simply "make a run for it", resulting in a very mild intrusion of moisture into my boots. On the other side there was a region of osier, after which I came into a sparse forest that was growing even sparser as I ascended Rivggonjunnje in a westward direction.

It was now rather warm, so I had not gone very far before I removed a layer of clothing; the weather was steadily improving, but a local rain in Fierrovgge sent out emissaries in the form of short bursts of droplets. I passed a shallow ravine higher up the slope and followed its western edge up onto the crest of the ridge, where there were some reindeer about. Now that the basin between Rivggotjhkk, Bajep Gurtjhkk and Skjdsjtjhkk lay before me I saw that also to the southwest there was the threat of rain, and as I proceeded along the eastern bound of this basin – maintaining my altitude – there was a shower, so I put the jacket back on. I climbed Rivggotjhkk head-on, and on its summit I had a marvelous view of lower Tarradalen, with Darrvrre as a central eye-catcher.

Tarradalen 1
Crossing the heathland...
Rainbow 1 to one of the many rainbows
Tarradalen 2
Tarradalen 3
Northern Tarradalen
Panorama 1
Panorama over northern Tarradalen from Rivggonjunnje
Tarradalen 4
Going over the ridge
Rabbit stone 1
W-w-what's up, doc?
Rainbow 2
Panorama 2
Panorama over southern Tarradalen from Rivggotjhkk

The time was now 12:30, and it did not take long before the western cloud masses passed overhead bringing quite a bit of rain, and it just so happened that I had just found a long horizontally protruding rock formation under which I could lie waiting for it to pass, all the time having the great albeit veiled view before my eyes. At long last the clouds had moved on, but it took some time before everything was "back to normal"; the peaks of Darregjsse were only slowly emerging. I then raised myself into an upright position and had lunch, during which the sun came out. I walked around a bit on the hilltop, noting that it was still all grey in Gurvgge and that it was raining far to the north, and eventually the sun was concealed again. I remained for a while longer, but when more clouds were creeping in from the west I prepared to depart.

Goahtnjunjes 1
Goahtnjunjes with Fierro and Vuokskvahta behind
Fjelds 1
Looking north over Rivggonjunnje
Bird 1
The eagle has not landed
Darrvrre 1
The unbroken surface of Darrvrre
Smmrtjhkk 1
Darregjsse 2
Southern Darregjsse
Tarradalen 5
Southern Tarradalen free of cloud

It was fairly windy as I descended Rivggotjhkk on its western side, turning northwest over undulated and uneven terrain down in the basin. I reached the brook that comes from the eastern parts of Bajep Gurtjhkk a bit above the point where it joins Skjdsjjhk, and I followed its ravine to the larger stream. I continued alongside the larger ravine in which Skjdsjjhk flows, and now there were short glimpses of the sun and less wind. When I was nearing the even larger ravine of Goahtnjunjesjhk I turned east, remaining fairly high in the slope but still significantly lower compared to when I went up earlier. I passed some flattened rises which jutted out from the slope, and between some of them I came upon a field of blueberries so inviting that I had no choice but to stop and set about picking, while the weather cleared for real.

When I could fit no more into the plastic bag I had brought for this purpose I ascended a little bit, since the ravine was now getting more precipitous, and after passing through some thickets of various kinds I entered a region of easier forest – in which I stumbled upon a large collection of very large cloudberries, which resulted in some fairly extensive on-site consumption. I reached Goahtnjunjesjhk a little bit above where I had crossed it before, so I went down to that location where I tried to facilitate the passing of the deeper portion by throwing in some large rocks, but it only helped a little. This time the splashing was more pronounced, and the amount of water in my boots afterwards much more noticeable, but since I was only a few minutes away from the cottage it did not matter much. I was back at 16:30, by which time the weather was very nice even though the top of Msksjgjsse was still cut.

Tjievrak 1
Tjievrak across the basin
Stream 1
A stream that joins...
Skjdsjjhk 1
Skjdsjjhk 2
...which has gouged out a ravine
Ravine 1
The more impressive ravine...
Ravine 2
...created by Goahtnjunjesjhk
Tarradalen 6
Sun over northern Tarradalen
Goahtnjunjesjhk 1
About to cross Goahtnjunjesjhk

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