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A good tour this turned out to be! Two fully OK days with good views, and two fantastic ones with even better views – and a terrific feeling, at that. I got to do all the "detours" I had thought about doing, and for one I can't not recommend Holkendurrie as an alternative to Härjångsdalen. As for the expected crowds, they were perhaps a bit larger than expected – especially when compared to a previous Easter tour of mine – but it was still all right; I imagine those sticking to the stations had it much worse.

As a stark contrast, I was almost completely alone during the days, staying off the trails as I did (at least half of the time), and I think this was something of a necessary personal circumstance as things went. At the very least the sentiments thereby bestowed upon me were much to my liking; I often felt "at one" with the silent realm of snow and non-snow around me, where I could well imagine that I was the sole living thing as far as this realm extended (for the most part I was as far as my vision extended).

The light pack was an immense success – I hardly even perceived its presence, my freedom of movement in all directions was great, and long distances were of no concern at all. In a way it was a natural extension of my day tours at Aktse, where the same conditions applied, and it really is a big difference to the usual full load. So, while I don't submit to the crowd that saws off toothbrushes in a desperate hunt for that last gram, suffering nervous breakdowns at the mere mention of any single item weighing more than a kilo, I will certainly build upon the experiences from this tour. I missed nothing except perhaps indoor shoes of some kind, and as long as the tour is not too long and/or passes by cottages where provisions are sold, there really is no need to overdo things, now is there?

Going into specifics, it was nice visiting Gåsen again. It is no secret that I have a soft spot for that site, especially in winter, and since it was quite some time since I got to go there during that season I of course welcomed the opportunity. While I could have done with some fewer people, the evening was as good as I could have hoped for, and standing outside looking at the astonishing panorama over Helags and Sylarna across the vast highland plateau was something I had longed for, and was very glad to have attained once more.

I think, however, that I must single out the last day as the high point of the tour, since finding my way on the last snow across a land waking anew to liveliness and verdure, in a world I so well know and love, was an experience of great value and fulfillment. And, it really was the last snow, for a few days after my return there was a notice in the local paper that the snowmobile trails in the Vålådalen area had gone completely impassable due to an abundance of water, and back home the heap on my backyard had disappeared completely. Now summer is approaching rapidly, and with it the yearning for trekking (which for those in the know has a double meaning just now)...



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