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Sunday 29/7

Stage map 29/7


Horizontal distance:13.5 km
Vertical distance:+240 m, -240 m, +180 m, -180 m, +240 m, -240 m
Time:4 h 45 min
Lunch break: 30 min
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy/Medium

I started out by easily crossing the stream next to the guest cottage and then set off along the trail up the slope in an increasing wind. This was quite a rise, but the ground was good and mostly consisted of grass, only turning stonier near the first crest. I achieved The Effect by having SulidšlbmŠ suddenly appear in all its glory as I neared the highest point of the trail upon VŠjmokbŠkte, and here I was also assaulted by very strong winds as I looked out over a far-reaching rocky vista.

Trail 1
Going up the trail...
Cottage 1
...from the green valley...
Fierro 1 rockier lands
Trail 2
Tsšhkkok 1
VŠjmok 1
Losing sight of VŠjmok
Fierro 2
Fierro and lake 1024
VistekjŠvrre 1
VistekjŠvrre far ahead
Nuortta SŠvllo 1
Closeup of Nuortta SŠvllo
SulidšlbmŠ 1
Closeup of SulidšlbmŠ

As I started descending on the more gradually sloping western side it was back to stone-sprinkled grass, but down in western VŠjmokvŠgge it was somewhat more arid. The "bridge" that was marked on the map turned out to be a precarious contraption in a state of decay, but on the other hand the stream in question was small enough that no aid was necessary. The next bit up out of the valley consisted of light, mostly flat rocks, which was how I remembered it from my last passage, and soon thereafter I found myself at the windy VistekjŠvrre, which was my goal of the day.

VŠjmok 2
VŠjmok in view again
VŠjmok 3
Back east
VŠjmokvŠgge 1
Western VŠjmokvŠgge
VŠjmok 4
Cloud on StŠjggŠ
Trail 3
Coming up on...
VistekjŠvrre 2

The first shore held a small strip of beach, but that was not quite as I remembered it. I looked around a bit, finding excellent campgrounds closer to the winter trail markers, and then continued along the summer trail past a small headland. And there, in the next little bay, I found the strip of beach that I did remember – short, but perfectly formed, and a level patch with room enough for a small tent beside it – so I sat down on it for lunch at 11:45. This spot offered an excellent view of the SulidšlbmŠ peaks across the water, and I sat still for a good while enjoying the wilderness feeling – despite the fact that I was literally right on the trail.

Beach 1
Classic staging...
Beach 2
...on the local playa

I then went on obliquely up the slope, south of the path, criss-crossing between rocks and bluffs. This opened up a spectacular view towards the SulidšlbmŠ glaciers, the snow covers of which were half melted, resulting in a mesmerizing mix of green-blue hues heightened by the non-uniform sunlight. After considering going up onto Vistek proper I took a cue from the large clouds that were swiftly approaching from the west and eventually decided to turn around.

Flowers 1
Some flowers among the rocks
VistekjŠvrre 3
Eastern VistekjŠvrre
SulidšlbmŠ 2
SulidšlbmŠ and western VistekjŠvrre
SulidšlbmŠ 3
Partially lit glaciers
Fjelds 1
On the heights

Rather than going straight back down I went due east across the flat land above the top of the slope I had just reached, going past a jumble of small tarns. One of these still had a thick snowfield along one side where miniature icebergs calved, which was the first remnant of winter I had seen so far what with the very hot and dry summer. I proceeded to zigzag my way down between more cliffs and rocks, mostly finding grass, and came back to the trail just at the eastern end of VistekjŠvrre after descending a shallow rocky gulley.

Tarn 1
The iceberg tarn
SulidšlbmŠ 4
SulidšlbmŠ again
VistekjŠvrre 4
Notice beach strips
VŠjmokvŠgge 2
Cloud shadows

After I had passed the "bridge"-stream the clouds passed in front of the sun, and as I climbed VŠjmokbŠkte for the second time of the day the wind grew stronger. The power of the rushing air at the top was markedly higher than in the forenoon, and it was quite considerable even then, but once off the heights it was much more tolerable. I covered the last bit back down in shadow, but as I approached the cottage the sun came back out to welcome me home at 14:45.

Trail 4
Back on the trail
VŠjmok 5
StŠjggŠ free of cloud
Trail 5
Winter trail
VŠjmok 6
Climbing VŠjmokbŠkte again
VŠjmokvŠgge 3
Looking back over VŠjmokvŠgge
Trail 6
View east from the crest
Cottage 2
Spotting the cottage
Cottage 3
Descending to the cottage
Cottage 4
Returning to the cottage

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