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Tuesday 7/8

Stage map 7/8

Bajep Skájdásj

Horizontal distance:13.5 km
Vertical distance:+300 m, -40 m, +100 m, -360 m
Time:5 h
Lunch break:1 h
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Medium

I went straight up behind the warden's cottage, passing both flowers and ripening blueberries, and then turned around a tongue of smaller rocks when it grew steeper. Having reached the crest I headed eastwards, walking across pleasant ground, while the sun played hide-and-seek with the clouds (and mostly succeeded). I passed north of a larger rock field but then traversed a smaller one to get a better heading when I felt I was getting too close to the 1217 rise. I crossed the stream easily on rocks close to the pool next to this rise, and then headed for the next rise to the southeast, which involved a couple of additional rock fields before I reached the more dirt-bound ground of the first slope.

Flower 1
Cottage 1
Vájmok 1
Vájmokbákte 2
Rock 1
Tsähkkok 1
Fjelds 1
Stream 1
Fjelds 2

From this rise I had a good view of the pretty lake southwest of Tjievrak, which was surrounded by lighter rocks, giving the scene an appealing character. At first I was of a mind to continue atop the rise and moved to do so, but then changed it and descended to the shore of the lake on flat rocks. Tracing the water was a simple matter, even though it was mostly rocks all around, and after traversing the somewhat larger ones east of the lake I turned up into the valley between Tjievrak and Juovvabuollda, where the ground was better again.

Tarn 1
First lake view
Stájggá 1
Went down here
Bird 1
Fliers, big and small
Tarn 2

By then the sun was out most of the time, and both Nuortta Sávllo and Sulidälbmá were free of cloud in the distance. This narrow little valley was rather nice in all its stoniness, which grew more pronounced after I had passed the highest point, but it was still mostly flat rocks. I could now see the surroundings of lake 1168 and found that the whole south and southwestern sides were made up of sharp cliffs and/or taluses dropping straight into the water, so there was no chance of rounding it, and so I took the northern side instead.

Flower 2
Small one
Fjelds 3
Darregájsse rising
Tarn 3

I increased my distance from the lake a little bit, coming to an area of more slate-like and/or bigger rocks, after which I started going diagonally up the grassy slope that had appeared to my left as the main rise of the stone-bound Tjievrak ended. This was a moderately tricky affair, as the slant was substantial, but the growing views ahead of me offered a preverbial carrot. I reached the top and proceeded out to the easternmost point of the rise, from where the view of the next lake and Darregájsse was just stunning, and sat down there a while before noon. I had lunch and read for a bit in the sun, which was now shining from a perfectly clear sky, and enjoyed myself to the fullest. What a place!

Darregájsse 1
More of Darregájsse
Tjievrak 1
Tjievrak above
Tarn 4
No rounding that one
Darregájsse 2
Darregájsse across the water
Kalle 2
Feelin' groovy
Darregájsse 3
Darregájsse with Rivggonjunnje and Rivggotjĺhkkĺ in the foreground
Tarn 5

When I finally left I went back up along the ridge and followed it for a bit before heading down at an angle, finding a better way than during the ascent, and reached the shore at the outflow of a pretty moss-brook. From there I traced the water, climbing past a few larger rocks, and then followed the southern side of the valley back west, where the stones were easily trodden. I proceeded to climb up around the bend, getting into rockier territory, and then ascended the lakeside rise from the northeast.

Tarn 6
Sulidälbmá 1
Sulidälbmá from the pass point
Fjelds 4
Exiting the valley
Flowers 1
More sturdy flowers
Tarn 7
Sulidälbmá across the larger lake

Up there the ground was better, which I knew from the Juovvabuollda tour, but this time I walked up on the top rather than on the southern slopes. I had a small group of reindeer as company at first, but they ran off in advance and left me to my own devices. As I approached the next pool I cut across the slope down towards the water, again finding light rocks, after which I followed the stream as closely as the condition of the ground permitted. The slope down towards Vájmok started off somewhat steeply, coinciding with the appearance of the now very familiar smooth rock slabs in the stream, while on the side the ground was dry in the extreme, almost crunching underneath my boots.

Fjelds 5
Atop the rise
Stájggá 2
High Stájggá
Reindeer 1
Reindeer on the run
Fjelds 6
About to go down
Stream 2
Vájmok 2
Steep at first
Stream 3
Sarddávágge in the distance

When the slant grew more gentle I turned towards the cottage, traversing a very welcoming landscape with heath, grass and the occasional rill. There were also a number of ledges that could easily have supported a tent or two, complete with very beautiful views over the grand lake and its intriguing surroundings. The next stream sported the same smooth slabs which made crossing impossible, but in short fashion I found a level spot where the bottom just consisted of regular stones and could get across easily. I could now clearly see the trail a short distance below me, but I maintained my altitude and walked on springy heath until I reached an intersecting rock tongue. The last bit from there I took the path, noting a couple of people coming around the guest cottage as I headed straight to my own abode before 15.

Vájmok 3
Stream 4
Smooth slabs again...
Stream 5 the next stream
Cottage 2

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