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Picture of Abisko

STF fjeld station

Region:Northern Lapland
On trail:Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:68°21'32"N, 18°47'20"E
Altitude:380 m
Fjeld map:BD6
Accommodation:300 beds
Service:See below

Abisko is the largest of STF's fjeld facilities and has a long history as a tourist destination, dating back to 1902 when the railroad between Kiruna and Narvik was completed; since the 1980s there is also a car road that follows the tracks. The old wooden station was destroyed in its entirety in 1949, and STF then decided that the replacement should be built using safe bricks, giving the current buildings a very robust look.

The station sits beside the canyon of Ábeskoeatnu in Abisko National Park, overlooking the great lake of Torneträsk, and includes a restaurant, a large shop, equipment rental and conference rooms; there are several electric saunas, but also a firewood-powered one down by the lake available on demand. There is also an aerial tramway that goes up the nearby fjeld Njullá, and at the upper endpoint one finds the Panorama Café/Aurora Sky Station, where regular observation sessions of the aurora borealis are staged in winter – Abisko is famous worldwide as a reliable place to see this phenomenon. Guided tours and courses are usually offered, and the station frequently plays host to performances of various kinds in the evenings. Abisko also marks the northern end of Kungsleden.

Approximate distances
Kårsavagge14 km
Abiskojaure14 km
Låktatjåkka20 km
Pålnoviken20 km
Tältlägret8 km
Northern Kungsleden 2005Day 1
Northern Kungsleden 2006Day 11
Kebnekaise 20074/5–6/5
Mårma 2008Day 9
Mårma 2008Day 10
Vistas 201026/4–3/5
Unna Allakas 2010Day 43
Unna Allakas 2010Day 44
Tjäktja 201311/2–14/2
Tjäktja 20138/3–10/3
Unna Allakas 2013Day 1: I
Unna Allakas 2013Day 6
Abisko 2013All
Kårsavagge 2020Day 1: I
Kårsavagge 2020Day 28
Pältsa 2023Day 40
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