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Gamla Sylen

Picture of Gamla Sylen


On trail:Storulvån–Sylarna
Coordinates:63°03'36"N, 12°16'37"E
Altitude:930 m
Fjeld map:Z6
Accommodation:Two cots in an emergency
Service:Privy, assistance phone

A standard shelter a bit up the southern slope from Enan, about where the Sylarna fjeld station was situated in days of yore.

Approximate distances
Sylarna2 km
Blåhammaren10 km
Storulvån14 km
Gåsen15 km
Spåjme6 km
Enkälen8 km
Gåsån10 km
Snasahögarna18.5 km
Jämtland Triangle 2005Day 2
Around Sylarna 2006Day 4
Helags 2011Day 4
Sylarna 2016Day 5