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Picture of Sylarna

STF fjeld station

On trail:
Coordinates:63°02'33"N, 12°16'29"E
Altitude:1035 m
Fjeld map:Z6
Accommodation:120 beds
Service:See below

The Sylarna fjeld station as an entity harkens back to the very inception of STF, even though the current buildings are much newer; the various incarnations of this facility have shown great shifts in both location and shape over the years. The present version sits right in the lap of the mighty Sylarna massif, the highest peak of which is 1762 m – and to the chagrin of patriotic Swedes, a few meters on the Norwegian side of the national border.

When the previous station was destroyed in a fire in 1980 it was decided that the replacement would not include a restaurant, but as of Easter 2018 the station offers served meals. To achieve this the previous public cooking and dining facilities have been converted into a fully fledged restaurant, relegating those who wish to prepare their own food to the much smaller annex. It is, however, also possible to buy and heat pre-cooked meals, which can then be eaten in the main dining room. Do note that another consequence of the change is that it is now forbidden to drink one's own alcohol in the main building, which also includes a lounge and a shop.

There are electric saunas in the station itself, and also a firewood-powered one down by Sylälven (currently out of order). Some equipment can be rented, and a number of guided tours and similar arrangements are usually offered.

Approximate distances
Storulvån16 km
Nedalshytta16.5 km
Gåsen17 km
Storerikvollen19 km
Blåhammaren19 km
Helags21 km
Gamla Sylen2 km
Ekorrdörren7.5 km
Spåjme8 km
Fiskåhøgda8.5 km
Enkälen10 km
Mieskentjakke10 km
Gåsån12 km
Snasahögarna20.5 km
Jämtland Triangle 2005Day 2
Helags 2005Day 1
Around Sylarna 2006Day 4
Around Sylarna 2006Day 5
Helags 2011Day 3
Sylarna 2016Day 4
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