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Picture of Nedalshytta

DNT staffed lodge

On trail:
Coordinates:62°58'43"N, 12°06'07"E
Altitude:780 m
Fjeld map:Z6/Turkart Sylan
Accommodation:60/24 beds (manned/unmanned)
Service:See below

Situated at the southeastern end of Nesjøen, this facility with its welcoming grass roofs and red shutters is the Norwegian entry point of choice to the Sylarna massif; the way to the highest peak is easier (but longer) from here compared to the corresponding route from the Sylarna fjeld station on the Swedish side. During Easter and summer the place is manned and food is served, and at all other times the standard DNT key lets visitors into the auxiliary building where provisions are offered in exchange for a deposit of the appropriate fees. In summer one can go by car right up to the lodge, and electricity is available around the year. There is also a sauna here.

Approximate distances
Væktarstua/Stugudal15 km
Sylarna16.5 km
Storerikvollen22 km
Helags40 km
Fältjägaren40 km
Ekorrdörren9 km
Fiskåhøgda16.5 km
Around Sylarna 2006Day 6: I
Around Sylarna 2006Day 6: II
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