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Picture of Helags

STF fjeld station

On trail:Ljungdalen–Sylarna
Coordinates:62°55'01"N, 12°30'24"E
Altitude:1045 m
Fjeld map:Z6/Z8
Accommodation:80 beds (ca)
Service:See below

A number of buildings at the foot of Helags, which at 1797 m is the highest Swedish massif south of the Arctic Circle, and it also hosts the country's southernmost glacier. Since the winter of 2007 this facility is classified as a fjeld station, and there is merit for this – it is electrified, there are actual showers, a large sauna and a small shop, and simple dishes are also served. There is, however, no running water in the accommodation buildings, and neither are there water closets. It is possible to order transport from Kläppen – by snowcat in the winter and by helicopter in the summer.

Approximate distances
Kläppen12 km
Fältjägaren12 km
Gåsen17 km
Sylarna21 km
Vålåvalen23 km
Nedalshytta40 km
Hulke8.5 km
Ljungan11.5 km
Mieskentjakke11 km
Ekorrdörren24.5 km
Helags 2005Day 2
Helags 2011Day 2: I
Helags 2011Day 2: II
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