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Picture of Storerikvollen

DNT staffed lodge

On trail:
Coordinates:63°06'42"N, 11°59'01"E
Altitude:769 m
Fjeld map:Z6/Turkart Sylan
Accommodation:65/16 beds (manned/unmanned)
Service:See below

A number of old, rustic buildings at the northern end of Essandsjøen, with a clear line of sight to the Sylarna massif from the "wrong direction", seen with Swedish eyes. The facility is manned from Easter to May and during the summer season, at which times breakfast and three-course dinners are served to overnight guests, who also have access to showers and provisions. During the unmanned periods the standard DNT key grants access to an auxiliary building, including a small provisions compartment from which guests can serve themselves by depositing the stated fees.

Approximate distances
Blåhammaren16 km
Ramsjøhytta18 km
Sylarna19 km
Kluksdal21 km
Nedalshytta22 km
Ås i Tydal24 km
Bjørneggen24 km
Endalsstugan8 km
Fiskåhøgda11 km
Around Sylarna 2006Day 7
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