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Picture of Såmmarlappa

STF cottage site

On trail:Padjelantaleden
Coordinates:67°04'05"N, 17°09'33"E
Altitude:520 m
Fjeld map:BD9/BD10
Accommodation:18 beds

One cottage on the eastern brink of Darrhaädno where the cleft of Såmmárgårsså opens into Tarradalen, renovated in two phases in 2004 and 2005. When the cottage is manned in summer there is a ferry over the river, enabling a shortcut to Vaimok via Fierrovágge or Tjievrak. This is the last cottage site which is operated by STF before Padjelantaleden enters Padjelanta National Park from the south, and since the next site with a sizeable shop is in far-off Stáloluokta people often stock up here – or replenish their supplies coming out of the Park.

Approximate distances
Tarrekaise12 km
Darreluoppal14.5 km
Vaimok28 km
Tarraälvshyddan11 km
Kurajaure19 km
Såmmarlappa 2007All
Vaimok 2018Day 4
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