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Picture of Tarrekaise

STF cottage site

On trail:Padjelantaleden/Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:66°59'22"N, 17°17'38"E
Altitude:510 m
Fjeld map:BD10/BD14
Accommodation:26 beds

Two cottages north of Darrávrre beneath the impressive Darregájsse massif. Some people choose to fish in the lake and in Darrhaädno, and the smaller lake Luoppal between these cottages and Njunjes is also a popular fishing site. Because of the short distance to Njunjes people often walk past Tarrekaise, in both directions. The small shop which has previously been here was retired during the winter of 2021.

Approximate distances
Njunjes7 km
Såmmarlappa12 km
Vaimok22 km
Tarraälvshyddan5 km
Kurajaure13 km
Kvikkjokk Circuit 2006Day 2
Såmmarlappa 2007Day 1
Såmmarlappa 2007Day 29
Vaimok 2018Day 4
Vaimok 2018Day 27
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