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Picture of Njunjes

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On trail:Padjelantaleden/Nordkalottleden
Coordinates:66°57'37"N, 17°24'52"E
Altitude:440 m
Fjeld map:BD10/BD14
Accommodation:20 beds

One cottage below the sheer wall of Njunjesvárre on the north side of Darrhaädno, a couple of kilometers west of the old settlement Njunjes. A bridge leads over the river, but there are no marked (summer) trails on the other side.

NOTE: This cottage is closed during the winter of 2021, with only the 2-bed safety compartment available.

Approximate distances
Tarrekaise7 km
Kvikkjokk16 km
Bobäcken12.5 km
Kvikkjokk Circuit 2006Day 1
Såmmarlappa 2007Day 1
Såmmarlappa 2007Day 29
Vaimok 2018Day 3
Vaimok 2018Day 28
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