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Picture of Kvikkjokk

STF fjeld station

On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:66°57'17"N, 17°43'14"E
Altitude:330 m
Fjeld map:BD10
Accommodation:60 beds
Service:See below

The village of Kvikkjokk has its roots in the silver mining operations of the 17th century, but is still a living albeit rather small hamlet. Due to its location close to the borders of Sarek it is a popular starting point for tours into this National Park, and the well-known Padjelantaleden (Padjelanta Trail) that traverses Padjelanta National Park starts (or ends) here, as does one arm of Nordkalottleden. It is also famous for having been visited by Carl von Linné on his lengthy trip to Lapland in 1732.

As for the fjeld station itself, it consists of two buildings on a rise beside the roaring Gamájåhkå, and includes a small shop and a sauna. Meals are offered throughout the day and in summer canoes and fishing gear can also be rented. The station is nowadays run privately, but it remains under the STF label. In the summer there are regular helicopter runs to and from Stáloluokta in central Padjelanta, and boat runs across the delta formed by Gamájåhkå and Darrhaädno – hikers wanting to embark upon Kungsleden (south) and Padjelantaleden have to start by taking the boat.

Approximate distances
Njunjes16 km
Pårte16 km
Tsielekjåkk16 km
Bobäcken3.5 km
Kvikkjokk Circuit 2006Day 13
Såmmarlappa 2007Intro
Såmmarlappa 2007Day 30
Aktse 2009Intro
Sarek 2011Day 14
Vaimok 2018Day 3
Vaimok 2018Day 28
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