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Monday 23/9

Stage map 23/9


Horizontal distance:3.5 km
Vertical distance:+520 m
Time:1 h 30 min
Lunch break:
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Medium

It was fairly cold on the Kårsavagge trail in the forest, with a bit of clouded sun. There wasn't as much water as expected in the lowers parts of Rihtonjira, so getting across was no problem at all. I then followed the path up along the southern side, where the presence of autumn was strong. As I got higher things got warmer, both because of the (light) effort and the fact that the sun was coming out more and more – plus a distinct lack of wind most of the time. I paused to drink at a flat place between some of the falls in the steep stream, and looking down at a passing ore train I finally spotted the famed "golden wagon" – the 1000th ore wagon made by LKAB was painted yellow to commemorate the occasion, and spotting it has become somewhat of a sport.

Ruin 1
Remnants from the construction days
Path 1
Rihtonjira 1
Going up there
Fjelds 1
Rihtonjira 2
Ore train 1
The Golden Wagon
Lapporten 1
Rihtonjira 3
Close by
Rihtonjira 4
A look down
Panorama 1
Panorama eastwards from the slope

Higher up the wind returned, and I chose to stay on the southern side when the main path crossed the stream. Here there was also a path – which I had seen many a time from below, as it cut across a dry rise. I came up to the topmost fall, and went down to the water just beneath it to get a few in-the-midst-of-it shots, seen below. Very cool place, and I was pleased to have delayed the visit to such a time that there was ample water in the fall to do it justice.

Sun 1
A look up
Abiskoalperna 1
Rihtonjira 5
Uppermost fall
Abiskoalperna 2
More snowy caps
Rihtonjira 6
Rihtonjira 7
Rihtonjira 8

I zigzagged my way up from there, and now Abiskoalperna were mostly in the clear, even though the sun had disappeared instead, so it was chillier. I easily passed the stream above the crest, taking the opportunity to have another drink, and came up to Aurora Sky Station just at 16:00 – and promptly remembered that it closes at that time. There were some people inside, however, among them Anna, Siri and the latter's father, and I jumped into an ongoing card game with them, managing not to end up last despite the disadvantage.

Rihtonjira 9
Aurora Sky Station 1
Aurora Sky Station
Abiskoalperna 3
Torneträsk 1
That which lies below

The place was closing up, though, so Anna and I caught one of the last carriages down, with only Anna-Lena behind. It was now quite cold, and I was happy that I had chosen the woolen thermal underwear. The cableway ran very slowly, which didn't exactly help the chill, but picked up speed later on. Down at the base station I helped Aril and, soon, A-L a bit with closing procedures, inspecting their lair at the same time – and then Anna and I caught a lift with Aril, with me holding my walking stick out the window...

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