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Sunday 29/9

Stage map 29/9


Horizontal distance:5.5 km
Vertical distance:+40 m, -40 m
Time:2 h 15 min
Lunch break: 45 min
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy

I walked upon the level trail – Kungsleden – in a chilly wind, which soon necessitated gloves. I made a few short detours on side paths, looking at the Ábeskoeatnu canyon and a hilltop or two, and met two hikers with large packs. I walked leisurely, noting that the frozen surface of the dirt was melting in the increasing power of the still veiled sun, and met another person (this a fellow day-tourer judging from the minuscule pack) before coming up on Marmorbrottet (Marble Quarry), where the patterned rock was hewn in the olden days.

Trail 1
Well trodden
Ábeskoeatnu 1
Trail 2
Snow peaks
Abiskoalperna 1
Arriving at...
Marmorbrottet 1

It was just after noon when I arrived, and noted the presence of the two German girls who had made the cave tour the day before, as well as a trio of Asians. Myself I went over the cliff and down to the stream, where I utilized a frequented campsite for my lunch break. It was somewhat cold at first, but the sun emerged more and more, and it was quite comfortable at the end as I sat reading.

I started the next walk by checking out the continuation of the trail a little bit, and then returned back up the hill to the junction with another naturstig going past Vuolip Njáhkájávri. This I turned onto just as a jogger approached along Kungsleden from the south, and she soon passed me by on the path I was on. The terrain was very dry at first, but then turned into a mire which offered good views all around, and soon thereafter I came to the lake. There I followed a side path that went closer to the water, returning to the main one as said water ended, and then a nice dry forest followed, frequently interspersed with open areas. I continued to walk calmly, having no time to meet, and after coming down among the birches I decided to take another path than the one that returned to Kungsleden, and came out at the parking lot beside the train station after 13:30. Just as I did so a large cloud descended upon Njullá, and the sun was swallowed up just as I walked up to the tourist station. Well timed.

Panorama 2
Panorama over Abiskoalperna from a mire
Nissonvággi 1
Closeup of Nissonvággi
Vuolip Njáhkájávri 1
Vuolip Njáhkájávri
Path 5
Leafless but not lifeless
Path 6
Familiar view

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