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Monday 9/8

Stage map 9/8


Horizontal distance:25.5 km
Vertical distance:-50 m, +80 m, -120 m, +120 m, -80 m, +50 m
Time:6 h
Lunch break: 45 min
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Medium
Map point:Hosjöbottnarna

The forest going down was once again a pleasant experience in the sun, and there was a similarly pleasant wind to boot. As I walked the rise past Sönner-Långtjärnen the creeping clouds slowly shrank back, but other clouds were passing in front of the sun every now and then. I soon reached the ATV road to the adjacent fishing camp and found it to be an ugly scar of dirt and mud, with an older footpath running parallel to it in among the trees on the other side.

Clouds 1
Sönner-Långtjärnen 16
Stream 4
Stream passage
Sönner-Långtjärnen 17
Tarn passage
Sönner-Långtjärnen 18
Where I lunched last time
Anasjön 3
Across Anasjön
Trail 1
More clouds hugging Falkvalen
Road 1
ATV road

I crossed both and proceeded into dry heathy forest which soon turned to moister grass as the trail skirted the edge of a mire past the northeastern bay of Anasjön. Here the path was fainter and trail markers were few and far between, but the route was obvious nonetheless. The sun was clouded as I passed another ATV track, this one considerably less prominent, and then followed the grassy path up into more forest, which after a smaller brook got pretty steep for a while. Up there it was back to heath undergrowth, and parts of the path were overgrown.

Trail 2
Spot the trail
Trail 3
Up I go

As I emerged onto open land again the sun came back in bouts, and there were still some drifting clouds around Falkvalen. There were some views to be had, but I was still fairly low and the best was yet to come. The ground turned stony and boggy as the trail turned sharply around a small tarn, followed by dry and sparse forest past a dried-out pool before I came to the next, somewhat larger but quite shallow tarn. Here I refilled my flask as the next stretch looked very dry on the map, and then started a drawn-out ascent.

Clouds 2
Clouds to the north
Fjelds 1
Wide views to the southwest
Tarn 20
Pool 6
Tarn 21
Next tarn

The terrain upon Rovpe was mostly a mix of grassy glades and bushes which would have made for excellent campsites had it not been for the complete lack of water, as expected. I caught some small glimpses of the lakes I was approaching, and then the forest grew denser again, with more branches and bushes hanging over the path. I continued to ascend and soon approached open terrain again on the base of Bredsjöhögen, and having come a bit further I saw three people coming down from its heights, heading towards the lakes below.

Grass 1
Nice but dry
Stor-Slitingarna 1
First look at Stor-Slitingarna
Stor-Slitingarna 2
Opening up

Up on level (save for the sideways slant) ground I was fascinated by the look of Stor-Slitingarna, which sported a large number of bays, headlands and islets, which together with more creeping clouds just behind made for a very intriguing scene. There was still fog in Höglekardalen far ahead as well, but the nearer lands were in full show, and the whole vista was great indeed.

Stor-Slitingarna 3
More of Stor-Slitingarna
Fjelds 2
Route behind
Trail 4
Route ahead
Stor-Slitingarna 4
All of Stor-Slitingarna

As I descended I came upon the same(?) ATV track I had passed earlier, which a short distance later merged with the much larger one that passes south of Bredsjöhögen's summit at a crossing that would be fairly easy to miss from the other direction if one wasn't paying attention. This road also coincided with the trail for (most of) the rest of the way, but it was somewhat uncomfortable due to all the stones that had surfaced. Progress was still easy and the ground was mostly dry, with a few muddy parts, and after a damper stretch through a grassy hollow I found myself at a sign-less crossroads, where the clearer ATV track went left and a fainter one right.

Trail 5
Descending from Bredsjöhögen...
Road 2 another ATV road

I stayed with the former, but after a bit I wondered if this had been an error, and climbed a nearby hilltop to have a look around; having caught sight of Hosjön I took a shortcut through the still dewy forest and came back to the track just as it reached a group of small buildings right by the main dirt road. I checked out the nearby crest to the north and then walked the road downwards to the large sign pointing out the Hosjöbottnarna tourist facility De Åtta Årstiderna, stepping onto its yard shortly before 13.

Hosjöbottnarna 1
Not for tourists
Hosjöbottnarna 2
De Åtta Årstiderna and Daniel

I spoke for a while with Daniel, the proprietor, who was currently preparing lunch outside for a group of guests which we came to the conclusion must have been those I had seen on Bredsjöhögen, and there were some other fishers in nearby cabins as well. I went down to the sauna-and-pool building, which was currently desolate, and had lunch on the naked wood while a kid attempted to fish from a moored boat with limited success. After my meal I returned up for another chat with Daniel – keeping up with the neighbors, so to speak – but didn't linger for too long since I had a long way back home again.

Hosjön 1
Fishing boats at the ready
Hosjöbottnarna 3
De Åtta Årstiderna from below
Flowers 6
Older abode

This time I went down to the signpost pointing out the start of the marked trail, which of course followed the fainter ATV track. After going over a rise I came back to the crossroads where I met two of the guests heading back for a somewhat late lunch, soon followed by two more and then another two, thereby completing the group. The sun passed into a large cloud, but as I started to ascend the slopes of Bredsjöhögen it reemerged. This time around all low clouds were gone and I had an unhampered view of, well, everything.

Trail 6
Correct route
Tarn 22
Side tarn
Road 3
On track
Kälasjön 1
Passing Kälasjön
Road 4
Road approaching Bredsjöhögen
Trail 7
Going up again
Stor-Slitingarna 5
Stor-Slitingarna coming into view
Trail 8
Rises further ahead
Stor-Slitingarna 6
Passing Stor-Slitingarna by
Trail 9
Stor-Slitingarna 7
Last look at Stor-Slitingarna

It was very warm and mostly still as I descended past the grasslands, but even though clouds were amassing in many places I saw no showers as of yet. I spotted the cottage all the way from the area of the tarn at the trail bend, and finding the water there to be of questionable quality I held off drinking until I reached the brook below the steep slope closer to Anasjön. My feet were getting weary as I marched on without pause, and again the way up from Sönner-Långtjärnen felt longer than the way down. I finally reached home after 16:15, as expected finding no one there.

Grass 2
More dryness
Tarn 23
At the first tarn
Tarn 24
Bend tarn
Tarn 25
Smaller tarn atop the flatness
Fjelds 3
No creeping clouds left
Anasjölägret 1
Anasjön 4
Down at Anasjön
Anasjön 5
Leaving Anasjön

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