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Ah, Gåsen. I never tire of that place, most especially in winter – and as always the fjeld itself offered fantastic views and tour-mode telemark conditions. There weren't many people about, owing to the late season – that first day I didn't see a soul after I left the trail at the old Storulvån station – and I do wonder if Mats got any company for his improvised spring fire (constructed out of rotten firewood unfit for regular use). This wasn't due to scant snow cover, however – the contrast to the previous year could not have been greater. Even by standards of average, this year's spring was very white. There had been a major thaw already in the middle of March, which had brought spring to Östersund and surroundings, but since then things had backpedalled completely further west, with a very wintery result.

As has become the norm for these shorter late-season tours of mine, I carried only a light pack, which makes for oh so pleasant skiing – and a fair bit of telemark, which is always nice. The weather, too, was pleasant most of the time, although those quick clouds on day 2 were somewhat unnecessary. They had the good taste to break apart in time for the bonfire, though, which was welcome.

This is the second time I have witnessed such a fire in the fjelds, the first being at Kebnekaise, but this time I was not part of the workforce. Back then spring really felt near (or even in effect), but here at Storulvån it was more of a "it'll come eventually" kind of thing. The following vickning was impressive, and no one was hungry as they went to bed this last day of April.

So, a short one, but nevertheless good – and, I dare say, needed. Next up is an early-season wardenship in Kaitumjaure – I just hope that the northern fjelds will have emerged from their snow cover come mid-June...



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