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It was my full intent to do one more tour this winter, and due to the abundance of snow in the fjelds (subject to record breaking at several places) that would be no problem, even though the ground had been bare for some time in the lowland, and especially in the city. I had been monitoring the weather conditions during the previous week as well, hoping for an opening, but there were strong winds and ample snowfall then. Therefore, I postponed the journey for a while, which turned out to be an excellent choice, as the period when I finally chose to go could well be termed the best one yet.

After making the decision, I cycled (bare ground, as mentioned) to the train station and procured a ticket for the next day, and phoned the Sylarna fjeld station to reserve a bed. My plan, worked out long before, was to visit Helags, the highest fjeld massif south of the Arctic Circle, and host to Sweden's southernmost glacier. I spent the rest of the day purchasing provisions and packing; I reached 17 kg this time.

Here, then, is the account of what transpired during the subsequent four days. Each section has a header consisting of a short overview of the stage in question, complete with a map showing the route travelled. A ring marks the starting point, a square the lunch break location, and a star the destination. Vertical distances have been calculated from the map and have an accuracy of 20 m. All breakfasts consisted of oatmeal porridge, tea and a sandwich.



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