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Thursday 29/6

Stage map 29/6

Unna Allagas

Horizontal distance:5 km
Vertical distance:+160 m, -100 m, +80 m, -140 m
Time:3 h 15 min
Lunch break: 30 min
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy

As I started walking the sun slipped behind cloud feathers that were approaching from the south, but it was not obscured all the time. I followed the Alesjaure trail, veering off on a reindeer path when I came to a narrow plateau in the slope, heading straight for the rise of Unna Allagas. I paid some attention to the ground, seeing both an increased amount of leaves and a good deal of low flowers. I made my way up zigzagging on grass between small cliffs, and from the first crest I spotted the Dutch crossing the first stream on their way to Abiskojaure. I went on eastwards atop the ridge, both seeing and hearing rough-legged buzzards in and around the cliffs ahead. These cliffs I climbed without too much trouble, but at some point I hit a "dead end" and had to backtrack a bit. I made my way over to the eastern end, going up the last part from the southeast, and then stood looking at the nice but more or less barren view for a good while. The sun was coming out again, but soon enough it passed into a large cloud bank that was coming from the west, and I started the descent.

Storsteinsfjell 1
Cottage 1
Unna Allakas
Flowers 1
Low flowers
Waterfall 1
Goržžijohka fall
Flowers 2
More flowers
Fjelds 1
Tarns below
Abiskoalperna 1
Abiskoalperna rising
ČunojŠvri 1
Reflective ČunojŠvri
Waterfall 2
Waterfall closeup
Storsteinsfjell 2
Storsteinsfjell's summits
Flowers 3
Even more flowers
Ruovssokjohka 1
Ruovssokjohka's course
Bird 1
One of the rough-legged buzzards
AllagasjŠvri 1
Abiskoalperna 2
Abiskoalperna from the eastern end of Unna Allagas
SnŠrapjŠvri 1
SnŠrapjŠvri and the valley below

I picked my way down the southern side; it was somewhat steep with small ledges, but it was not too difficult. Close to the stream from AllagasjŠvri there was quite a bit of osier, so I mostly kept my distance from it as I progressed westwards through the little valley. For a while it seemed as though the cloud bank would break up, but then it got denser instead. I followed reindeer paths at times, stumbling upon a grassy patch that could support a tent; otherwise the terrain was bumpy and bushy. Ahead of me the sky was growing ominously dark behind RŠdječohkat, and closer at hand I passed a curious ring of stones in the ground. Then I walked on the trail for a short bit, soon turning off towards the little rise immediately northwest of the lake. In front of me there were some reindeer resting on a snowfield, and as I approached they got up and walked to and fro. I ascended the rise from the north, having to use my hands at some point, and then sat down against a rock close to its western end just after 12.

RŠdječohkat 1
Down at the bottom
Stone ring 1
Fjelds 2
Lone marker
Reindeer 1
Some reindeer being...
Reindeer 2
...their cautiously curious selves

I had lunch at once, looking out over a land of shadow; the sky was covered by clouds save for the remote area around Tornetršsk. There was a bit of wind as well, but it was not chilly. I sat calmly for some time, but when I felt a few drops falling I got up. I went downwards at an angle until I came upon the trail and then followed that for a bit before breaking off towards the "source tarn", and then walked down the next slope. There had been no more drops, and as I was approaching the cottage before 13:00 I thought that the clouds were about to split apart.

Fjelds 3
Lunch site view...
Cottage 2
...close to home
Cottage 3
Closer to home

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