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Thursday 29/7

Stage map 29/7


Horizontal distance:10.5 km
Vertical distance:+360 m, -360 m
Time:5 h 30 min
Lunch break:2 h
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy/Medium

This time I deliberately followed the path on the western side of Ruovssokjohka, passing through a region replete with blackflies. When the path faded I found my own way past rocks and bushes, which brought me a bit farther from the stream. When there was no wind it was rather warm, but clouds appeared to be on the way from the south; there were more high ones off to the southeast, and also a dense front in the far east. I came up onto a nice grass plateau, where I went out to the edge by the stream. Here the latter had a series of small falls, and I continued straight up close to it on stonier ground.

Trail 1
Departing the tarns
Ruovssuk 1
Ruovssuk rising
Abiskoalperna 1
Abiskoalperna too
Seagull 1
Caught any fish?
Ruovssokjohka 1
Tracing the water
Flowers 1
Fjelds 1
Open land behind me
Fjelds 2
More summits appearing
Ruovssokjohka 2
Ruovssokjohka 3

The little dell just north of Ruovssuk proper was very pretty and inviting, and from there I climbed up onto a rocky hill upon which there grew heath – and I also stumbled upon a small flat ledge that looked perfect for a tent. Where Ruovssokjohka flowed out of RuovssokjŠvri there was a narrow fall, and further up the rocks had a distinct ruddy hue. I spotted two seemingly easy fords, and between them was a calm shallow pool where the temperature could probably rise to near-comfortable levels in times of heat (but right now there was a snowfield there that likely countered the effect). I proceeded over the next little crest on stony and uneven ground, and then stood looking out over the main body of RuovssokjŠvri.

Ruovssokjohka 4
The dell...
Ruovssokjohka 5
...beside the stream
Fjelds 3
Ruovssokjohka 6
Last bit up
Panorama 14
Panorama over the view behind my back
RuovssokjŠvri 1
RuovssokjŠvri in sight
Ruovssokjohka 7
Ruovssokjohka 8
RuovssokjŠvri 2
For bathing?
RuovssokjŠvri 3
Panorama 15
Panorama over RuovssokjŠvri with the far fall in the middle

Since it was still fairly early I continued around the lake in a clockwise direction. After passing a cute little brook I came to a small "side lake", and around there were some patches which looked like they could be used for tenting, but the soil layer was not too thick. I walked over to the main inflow, where I found a very easy ford, but I wanted to take a closer look at the waterfall higher up first.

I increased my distance from the stream to gain better footing, and then walked up to the lower part of the fall, which consisted of gracile streams of water splashing down a wide sequence of red cliffs. I went down close by the water, looking for another crossing, but those I found were just a little bit too tricky, so I ended up going across at the place where the stream split up further down. On the other side there were grassy patches, whereas the western side had been rather sterile, and I traced the shore to a tiny rise of flat rock beside a little bay. I walked a few paces more down to another flat rock just beside the water, where I stopped after 11:45.

RuovssokjŠvri 4
Going around
Stream 1
No torrent here
RuovssokjŠvri 5
At the side lake
Fjelds 4
Waterfall 1
Waterfall 2
Waterfall 3
Waterfall 4
RuovssokjŠvri 6
Looking down over the lake
RuovssokjŠvri 7
RuovssokjŠvri 8
...on the other side
Waterfall 5
That gracile waterfall again

Now it was apparent that it was only smaller thin clouds that were approaching, and it was warm and mostly still. Without too much delay I stripped down and threw myself into the water, which was not too cold, and then sat down to dry in the sun (and to have lunch). It was quite terrific, even though there were more clouds and wind from time to time. I spent some time with the binoculars and the map, and then read in the guidebook which I had brought while basking in the sun. The clouds were decreasing, but the wind was growing stronger instead. Another session with the binoculars yielded some curious teasing action by a gull directed at an eagle no less, and then I finished the book and just lay enjoying the summer – this (including the bath) was something I had wanted to do ever since starting my assignment, and it was gratifying to be able to seize this last chance.

RuovssokjŠvri 9
Deep waters
Kalle 1
RuovssokjŠvri 10
Waterfall 6
Sheltered spot

After packing up I continued around the lake, passing many a rill coming down the slope on my left. I kept to a somewhat higher route, where there was more grass; closer to the water it was stonier. I went up a short bit further among the rocks and then maintained this altitude as I left the lake behind, coming to pleasant grassland close to another little rise. This I went around, and then went slightly downwards past some small ledges above another grassy plateau which seemed somewhat wet. I passed a dry little ravine high up and then came out onto heathland. Having reached an edge in the terrain I was treated to a splendid view of the valley spreading out below – and I also saw a trio with light or no packs going up the Sjangeli trail.

Flowers 2
Some low flowers
Moss 1
"Luminous" moss
RuovssokjŠvri 11
Reaching the end of...
RuovssokjŠvri 12
RuovssokjŠvri 13
Last look back
Fjelds 5
Look forward
Ruovssokjohka 9
Keeping my distance to the stream
Ruovssuk 2
Ruovssuk across the grass
Cottage 1
Fjelds 6
Godučohkka and friends
Fjelds 7
The cute little dell
Fjelds 8
Coming out to the edge
Fjelds 9
Ruovssuk 3
Ruovssuk looking dark
Panorama 16
Panorama eastwards, with a glimpse of
Alip VealevŠrri in the middle

The map claimed there would be a reindeer fence up here somewhere, but all that remained was old wooden poles lying in collections on the ground here and there, with holes at regular intervals. I followed the ridge downwards, and the condition of the ground was just perfect, as was its slant. Towards the end I came onto a reindeer path which led me somewhat close to Ruovssokjohka, and then I reached the trail at the sharp bend. I went down the usual way to the usual place, and the water was now low enough that I could walk straight across. After a short bout of wind it got very warm and still, and I was perspiring heavily as I walked up to my cottage at 15:15.

Fjelds 10
Ruovssokjohka 10
Upstream Ruovssokjohka
Abiskoalperna 2
At the bottom
Trail 2
Last bit of path

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