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I had several ideas for tours to do this summer, each being situated further north, but evidently many other people had similar thoughts, for when the time came to decide all the trains were filled to the brim. Having done a good many trips here in Jämtland during the last few years I really wanted to go somewhere this time, so I therefore ended up turning my eyes towards Vindelfjällen, where I realized I had not actually been for 13 years.

After a few attempts I had drawn up a plan that would take me to and through new areas, some of which I had had my eye on for some time, so as not to repeat myself unnecessarily. After looking at transportation options – from Östersund the whole region is easily reached by bus – I also concluded that the best course of action timing-wise would be to start in Tärnaby and end in Hemavan.

All that remained then was a suitable weather window, and since this year's vacation period lay earlier than usual, mid-to-late July constituted the primary time to look for one. After forgoing a couple of shaky ones a much more stable high pressure was approaching from the continent, promising warmth and visibility, so I proceeded to put the plan in motion.

I asked the bus driver from Storuman to let me off at Tärnaby camping, a couple of kilometers east of the actual village, where I would spend the night; I had arrived in the late afternoon and the stages would fit better if I started the hike in the morning. I therefore got to spend a quiet evening in the camping's hostel department, where I was the only occupant, getting into the mood for the actual start the next day.

Rainbow 1
Rainbow above the camping...
Umeälven 1
...beside Umeälven

My packing list was as follows:

To wear 
underpantsboxer shorts65g
thermal underwearCraft Zero300g
wind jacketCraft290g
hiking trousersHaglöfs Rugged Fjell Pant530g
hiking bootsHanwag Tatra Top1920g
hatFjällräven Sörmland140g
To carry 
rucksackHaglöfs L.I.M Strive 501135g
rain coverOsprey140g
down jacketPatagonia350g
rain clothespolyester880g
spare underpants(see above)235g
spare sockswool105g
wind trousersCraft190g
extra underwear shirtTouch9 micro fleece220g
light shoesslippers with heel bands300g
Food related 
thermosThermos Light & Compact 0.5l340g
drinking vessel, tablewarespork, foldable cup, mini whisk, water flask200g
camping stoveOptimus Crux Lite + canister rest + Trangia pot305g
fuelPrimus Power Gas canister385g
food and drink 1 Adventure Food freeze-dried package
1 DryTech REAL freeze-dried package
1 Blå Band Expedition Meals freeze-dried package
1 Blå Band risotto freeze-dried package
2 dried sausages
mashed potatoes powder
9 dl oatmeal/exotic mix
12 Varma Koppen instant soup packages
5 Ögonblink instant chocolate packages
7 tea bags
2 packages of soft bread
½ package of hard bread
1 can of butter
1 package of cheese slices
1 package of dried ham
1 tube of soft cheese
1 package of biscuits
1.5 large chocolate bars
1 slab of dried reindeer meat
Dextro Energy tablets
Camping related 
tentFjällräven Skule R/S 22615g
sleeping bagCumulus Lite Line 400795g
sleep mat300g
Other required stuff 
medical stuffbandages, anti-chafe adhesive130g
hygiene stufftoothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mini-shampoo, ointment, toilet paper225g
mapfjeld map (AC2: Tärnaby-Hemavan-Ammarnäs)80g
map caseHaglöfs Watatait100g
knifeSámi handicraft115g
mosquito repellantUS622 stick35g
payment, recordingcards, bills, paper, pencil30g
whistlereferee issue5g
metal wire10g
spare strapsMcKinley45g
bookThe Dispossessed (Ursula K. Le Guin)235g
home key15g
camera and accessoriesPanasonic Lumix FZ1000, batteries, memory cards995g
camera pouchManfrotto Active Shoulder Bag 3215g
mobile phoneSamsung Galaxy A5 2017 + accessories195g
power bankBrunton105g

Plus the 525-g birch walking stick and some water in the flask.

Here, then, is the full account of what transpired during the subsequent six days. Each section has a header consisting of a short overview of the stage in question, complete with a map showing the route travelled. A ring marks the starting point, a square the lunch break location (if any), and a star the destination. Vertical distances have been calculated from the map and have an accuracy of 20 m. All breakfasts consisted of oatmeal porridge, tea and a sandwich, and all lunches of two cups of instant soup and a sandwich.



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